This post will show you how to learn a language with the MB5 Method. This method is a template I have developed by researching and attempting various combinations of tools. I think this is the best, most efficient, and fun way to learn a language. MB5 method consists of a set of 5 Elements. I try to perform these steps everyday but it is not necessary. Progress with them as much as you can. Obviously, the more time you put in the more you will get out of it.


This is by far the best aid I have incorporated into my learning plan. It has not only increased the rate in which I learn and retain more vocabulary but also a way that made learning a lot more fun. To properly explain how to use mnemonics in language learning I need for space. For a detailed explanation on see this post: Learning Language with Mnemonics


It is important to have a Textbook that you can work through. The chosen text should have the alphabet of the language you are learning and a guide on how to pronounce it. The alphabet should be one of the first things you study. Having a book to work through is very important because as you progress with your learning you will need to reference certain grammatical rules etc. It doesn’t have to be huge or all-encompassing but one that can explain to you the basic structures of the language and maybe some exercises also.


Reading is great because once you get to a level where you can understand a little it stops feeling like you are studying and starts to feel just like entertainment. It is a little rough at the beginning but here’s what I do to help with that: I read children’s comics. The illustrations provide a most of the context so even if you don’t understand all of the words you can pretty much tell what is going on by just looking at the pictures. After these you can move on to children’s books then on to graphic novels for adults and then anything you want! If you are a complete beginner, I would focus more on the first two elements for a little while. Maybe until you understand the 20 most important verbs at least. And when you start reading don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand everything. Just look up words you don’t understand and try to figure out what is going on from the pictures.


Listening to music will help you learn without you even knowing it. When you like a song you instinctually want to know what they are singing about. Find some great music in the language you are trying to learn. Then pick a song and get the lyrics. Memorize the lyrics (mnemonics?) and then figure out what they mean. Once you know sing along with the song and this practices your pronunciation. Songs are great for learning sentences and common phrases you won’t learn in language text books.


This element is not essential but it definitely helps if you have the time and money. There are a ton of different programs out there for you to choose from. For some reviews see my review section. Personally, I use the Pimsleur Audio Lessons.
And there it is. This is a very simple method. The Mnemonics take some time to get used to if you have never used them before but it doesn’t take long. What is great about this method is that it stays the same whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or an advanced level learner. just change the difficulty of your reading, musical material and keep expanding your vocabulary with mnemonics. Learning a language takes a lot of work and time. Anyone that says different is lying. But learning doesn’t have to boring. And getting to a level of understanding where you can start to converse to native speakers does not take long. I am a living example of how you can learn quite quickly with this method. I started learning Portuguese about 4 months ago and really only concentrated on it for the last two months. I can now have decent conversations with my girlfriend’s parents who speak no English. You will need years to become 100% fluent. But who cares. With this method I believe you can get to 80% measured in months. Once you reach the breaking point it is fine because you are already a part of that language!


Because the MB5 Method consists of 5 elements there is a level of overlap. Learning dynamically like this with different material takes the stress and pressure away from any which one. Say someone only utilizes one element then while learning you would feel pressure to really understand and practice everything strenuously. Using all of these different elements it makes me more relaxed because I don’t have to stress about understanding everything. If I don’t quite understand everything that was in my audio lesson, I don’t stress because its only one part of my learning. I take about 2 hours every day to do this method. I do this because I have the time. You by no means have to spend that much time or do all of them at the same time. The main thing about this method is taking different roads that all lead to the same place. If you have a road block on one you still have 4 others to take until the other clears. Try it out at least and I’m sure you will see progress.