Statistics basically involves collecting data and then interpreting and organizing that information, which sounds simple enough at first. However, statistics can be a challenging subject for college students to master, especially as the work becomes more advanced, and you may be wondering where you can search for help on your homework if you are having trouble. Fortunately, there are many resources that can help you with your stats assignments.

First and foremost, your institution probably has math tutoring available for free or low cost. One-on-one or synchronous instruction is sometimes the best way to receive help on subjects you have trouble with because you can ask questions as they arise and receive answers right away, and you can ask for clarification if you need it.

You may also choose to use online tutoring services, which could be synchronous—in real time through a whiteboard-type service—or asynchronous—usually by submitting your completed assignment or specific questions and receiving feedback communication within a certain period of time. These online services may be cost prohibitive, but some universities purchase access for their students or provide access at a reasonable charge.

If you do not like the idea of receiving online tutoring through a company or your school does not offer tutoring services, there are many well-known tutoring centers with numerous locations that offer math instruction. Additionally, you can find individual tutors through reputable websites devoted to connecting tutors with pupils. These sites allow you to search through the profiles of tutors based on subject, level of education, experience, and hourly rate. Thus, you can find someone who lists statistics as a subject area in which s/he is an expert, see that this person has a college degree in a math or science field, peruse his/her past experience (and perhaps access reviews from former tutees), and assess whether you can afford their rate based on how much help you think you will need (will it be a one-time session or do you plan to have weekly/biweekly meetings?). Finally, if you are you strapped for cash and your university does not offer tutoring services for free, you can always find a “buddy”! A great (and free) resource for those who have restricted choices based on economic limitations or availability of services is a classmate or friend who is doing well in your statistics class (or who has taken it before). A classmate will know what you are learning because s/he is in the class as well. A friend who has already taken the class will know what you will be learning later in the class and may be able to tailor his/her help by anticipating how the current material connects to subsequent lessons.

Ultimately, there are numerous avenues of assistance available to the struggling statistics student. What you choose will depend on your personal preferences (remote versus in-person, for one), budget, and local resources.